an Experimental Video/Music/Art Collaborative in the Triangle, NC

Exploded Hipster

Exploded Hipster is a community-sourced portrait of the Triangle music scene, celebrating its history and raising questions about identity, appearance and authenticity in a subculture.


Exploded Hipster 2014

Currently being community-sourced for the upcoming exhibition

Area 919: Artists In the Triangle

Nasher Museum of Art, Durham, NC

January 24 – April 12, 2015




Exploded Hipster 2012 

Community-sourced and made during Hopsctoch 2012 at CAM Raleigh

by Lincoln Hancock, Robin Vuchnich, Mollie Earls, Ellie Blake and Neill Prewitt

Yuxtapongo TV

Yuxtapongo aired for four years on cable-access stations across the Triangle, NC. More than sixty local, national and international artists contributed to the program. Every episode is now available to stream online.

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