Bad Economy, Neill Prewitt, 2012.  Trailer excerpted from 20 minute video.


Bad Economy, Neill Prewitt, 2012.  Single channel 1080p video with stereo audio, 20 minutes.

Bad Economy is a short epic musical about a young man's journey to become an artist during the Great Recession. Bobby is a rebel with a Liberal Arts degree, and he's on the run from the "creative economy" that's closing in around him. At every turn it instrumentalizes his critical stance, saddling him with low-wage work and student debt. The only way out may be a harrowing passage down to his own depths wherein lies the artist's heart.



Script and music written by Neill Prewitt.  Starring Jon Gregory, Ginger Wagg, Robert Biggers, Bob Wall, Paul Newell & CJ Suitt.  Camera: Matt Hedt & Laura Melosh.  Sound: Neill Prewitt.  Lighting: Joseph Amodei & Matt Hedt.  Music performed by Robert Biggers, Neill Prewitt & Bob Wall.  Thanks to Eleanor Blake & Lincoln Hancock.  Directed and Edited by Neill Prewitt.  



Flanders Gallery, Raleigh NC, September 2013.